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Want to be lifted into a life of harmony and meaning in 45 minutes or less?

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Do you struggle with:

Always having to be ‘on’ - which leads to constant burnout and exhaustion? Never having the time to nurture your relationships? No time for self care? Feeling embattled and diminished by constant microaggressions at work (or in your partnership)? Having to work three times harder than your male colleagues to have an impact?

Finding little support for balancing the needs of work and life satisfaction?

Stress and anxiety causing you to react, ultimately creating more isolation and loneliness?

Constantly wanting to do something of value, to have a positive impact, but don’t know where to begin to make the this legacy your reality?

Would you like help to go from pain and challenged to an inspired, renewed lease on life, tailored to suit your individual needs?

Here’s why one call with Sara can dramatically help you now:

  • Get access to her proven, transformative tools guaranteed to shift your perspective immediately.

  • Receive guidance on a short-term and a long-haul plan that brings relief and magical breakthroughs in as little as 30 days.

  • Eliminate self-doubt and discover your zone of genius, where your highest potential and purpose reside.

  • Learn to manage and harness your emotions for more powerful expression

  • Discover how to turn conflict into collaboration, taking your relationships to a new, conscious and loving level

  • Stop wasting time researching information that goes unused. Instead, experience personal transformative results first-hand.

This valuable call is free.

Yes, you heard correctly; it’s free. Sara offers these sessions to ensure that you’re the right fit for her exclusive programs. She works with a limited number of clients privately each year and selects those who:

  • Desire real change and are committed to taking action

  • Are coachable

  • Are willing to invest the time and financial resources to transform their lives for the better, for good.

  • And, at the end of the day, it’s Sara’s favorite way to get new clients versus doing any hard selling. You meet and talk about what you deeply desire achieving. Sara shows you how she can help (including providing an actual coaching experience so you know what to expect). Then you both discuss if it feels like a great energetic alignment to keep going. Or you don’t. No hard sells. No strings attached.

What to expect in the call.

Use the link below to access Sara’s calendar to book your 45 minute session on a day and time that works best for you. You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment time and the Zoom link to use for your session. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we suggest you ensure the application is downloaded on your phone, tablet or lap top you’ll be using at least 30 minutes prior to your session. On the day of the call, just carve out a quiet space where you can sit without interruptions and talk openly and honestly about your dreams, desires, and what’s holding you back. Sara takes over from there, giving keen insights, tools, and a suggested game plan to get you where you want to be. Again, there is no obligation to buy anything. This Discovery session is all about you and learning how to get where the amazing, cherish life experiences you deserve. Could it be more simple?

Please note: When you schedule your session, you’ll be asked a few questions to quality that you’re the right fit for Sara’s support. It’s best to answer the questions honestly so that neither of you are wasting our time. If for any reason Sara doesn’t feel she can be helpful, you’ll be notified by email prior to your session time.

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