Painful life changes can bring unexpected gifts.

Overcome the constant cycle of doubt, fear, and darkness.

A brilliant, new life awaits you! Starting now.

Transitions are hard. Change is difficult. How you deal with big life changes makes all the difference.

Are life events causing more choas than you know how to handle? Is your marriage ending? Have you recently lost a loved one or a career you relied on for stability? The overwhelm of grief, fear and ultimately trauma created from traumatic and even daily circumstances can cause us all to loose our balance, our perspective, and our way. If you are looking for support to get through these dark, challenging times, I can help. 

I am an transition coach and holistic healer who helps women to create an unshakeable foundation of strength, courage and inner wisdom so that they can overcome huge life changes and emerge wiser and more confident in themselves than ever before. 

My methods are not like typical coaching or therapy. I provide proven, spiritual and energetic tools that help you rise above your circumstances. My goal for you is that you create a life you truly love – a life where calm and clarity are a given, and where passion and purpose are restored. This is possible! You just need an open mind and willingness to try some new approaches. Someone brilliant once said, “We can’t fix problems with the same mindset that created them.” Are you willing to do some things differently? 

If you’re all in for powerful, purposeful transformation, let’s get started!


Sara Loos


Transitioning Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

What we are experiencing is far from normal. Everything that we have known to be familiar and routine has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Learn skills to help you navigate and thrive now. Click here for more information.

If you are in a troubled marriage, it may be time for new vows.

“I vow to move through fear that has me frozen.”
“I vow to see my relationship for what it really is.”
“I vow to gain insights to make my marriage work, or move on with compassion and grace.”
“I vow to see myself for who I really am.”
“I vow to make decisions that support me and those I love.”
“I vow to create a life that is joyous and nurturing for myself and my children.”
“I vow to be happy again.”



“Sara gave me the courage and the tools to leave my abusive husband.  Her unique methods were so loving and yet very empowering to get me through all the necessary steps. She has given me the gift of freedom, which is truly priceless!”


“I chose to invest in Sara because of the exceptional compassion, presence, and skill she brings to her work. Sara was instrumental in shifting my energy and emotions so I could believe in myself again, step courageously into the unknown, and discover who I needed to become to live the life I desired in the next phase of my journey. After my VIP experience, I felt renewed, inspired, and capable.  I highly recommend her work.”


“Sara is a PEACEFUL LIGHT! One of the first things Sara said to me was, “Take 3 steps in the next 24 hours, I promise you’ll feel empowered”.  That’s when my Transformation began! I arose from Sara’s coaching program knowing I wasn’t a shameful or disregarded ‘divorced woman’ but a strong woman of change!”


Work with Sara

Complimentary Assessment

Sara offers a complimentary 45-minute assessment in which you explore the hidden component(s) that keep you trapped in pain and struggle. We all have our blind spots and, with her keen intuitive skills, Sara is a master at identifying these. Getting where you want to go depends on knowing the truth of where you’re stuck. Let Sara shine the light on your best next step. (New clients only please) 

3 Months of Mentoring

This is what most clients choose. It’s Sara’s sweet spot, providing weekly, personal sessions via Zoom conference for 12 weeks. Her clients rave about their results and are always amazed how quickly the can learn the tools to regain their confidence and create the courage and momentum to take right action in order to create happiness for themselves and their family.

Private Session

Sara’s keen intuitive gifts, compassionate nature, and 15+ years of competency are experienced first hand in her one-on-one mentoring sessions. Sara meets you where you are, quickly accesses your needs and, using advanced healing modalities, eliminates the sting of events, stories, beliefs and emotional trappings that cause you pain and confusion. With her help, Sara has helped thousands of women understand, in as little as one session, the magic possibilities that await them.

Healing Intensive

If you’re trapped in the painful story of past trauma or abuse, this is the option that will serve you best. Sara is considered a master healer. She’s able to dive deep, going to the root and removing it easily, peacefully. If you’ve tried traditional therapies without success, we highly suggest being open to a new way of healing and moving forward, free of your past and the impact it has had over so many areas of your life. 

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