The Inspired Divorce

Sara’s approach is far from ordinary, as are her results. She believes that, with spiritual tools and practices, divorce can be a catalyst for incredible growth and change.

She works magic in the lives of women who know they need to get free from their relationship in order to be their best and happiest self but fear of so many unknowns is keeping them stuck. They feel helpless and hopeless. 

They fear divorce or moving on will hurt their children or this person that has been their life partner for so many years. Because they have given themselves away for so long, they little left to give. And yet they know they are here to do, to be,  so much more.

For some, they didn’t choose divorce but rather, divorce chose them. Wherever they are in the spectrum, Sara has the skill set to help in remarkable ways.

From helping initiate “the” conversation with compassion and consciousness to signing the final paperwork, Sara provides the insights that can turn what could be an ugly divorce into the right action and responses for both spouses. The result is a kinder, more collaborative approach that provides miraculous outcomes.

Sara has the emotional, spiritual and practical guidance to harness our hidden power. She helps eliminate the negative energy, emotions, stories and behaviors that keep us stuck, locked in doubt, shame, fear, and ultimately unfulfilled.

Sara also teaches unique tools that support on-going trasnsformation. Every session and workshop includes personalized follow-up exercises that help her clients maintain a positive, purposeful momentum.

Sara helps her clients move on from struggle and pain, and create a life that is brighter for themselves, their children and former partner.

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 “After my initial session with Sara, I felt lighter and freer than I have in a very long time. The foggy, negative veil was lifted almost immediately to allow me to focus on healing.”  ~ Amy

Work with Sara

Complimentary Assessment

Sara offers a complimentary 30-minute assessment in which you explore the hidden component(s) that keep you trapped in pain and struggle. We all have our blind spots and, with her keen intuitive skills, Sara is a master at identifying these. Getting where you want to go depends on knowing the truth of where you’re stuck. Let Sara shine the light on your best next step. (New clients only please) 

3 Months of Mentoring

This service provides weekly, personal sessions with Sara in the convenience of your own home via Zoom conference for 12 weeks. Sara’s clients rave about their results and are always amazed how quickly the can learn the tools to regain their confidence and create the courage and momentum to take right action in order to create happiness for themselves and their family.

VIP Experience

For those desiring deep healing work for the heart and hands-on immersion in Sara’s gifts and guidance, the VIP Experience is for you! Travel to gorgeous Santa Barbara wine country where you will be spend a full day in a luxury, boutique hotel receiving pampering and presence, followed by 4 months of personal, weekly coaching sessions to ensure you stay on track with your progress. This experience is all about fast-tracking your recovery so that you can change from who you’ve become to who you want to be. There can be happily even after divorce (or other trauma) with Sara’s help.

Private Session

Sara’s keen intuitive gifts, compassionate nature, and 15+ years of competency are experienced first hand in her one-on-one mentoring sessions. Sara meets you where you are, quickly accesses your needs and, using advanced healing modalities, eliminates the sting of events, stories, beliefs and emotional trappings that cause you pain and confusion. With her help, Sara has helped thousands of women understand, in as little as one session, the magic possibilities that await them.

Current Events

Sara offers workshops and webinars throughout the year to support you, many from the comfort of your own home. Beginning Fall 2019, she’ll be providing in-depth support in a 12-week intensive Divorce Empowerment Program. Details and Registration links are below. 

Check out her upcoming events here.

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