Testimonials about Sara Loos


“Giving myself the gift of working with Sara was the best decision I ever made! Her skills and insights, along with her compassionate nature, create the most incredible experience for deep, inner healing. I am profoundly grateful for the impact she has had on me. Sara has accomplished things in my life that I honestly never felt were possible! She is phenomenal!”



“I was a real pleasure to work with Sara.  She has great spiritual gifts and every session with her was eye opening.  She gave me the confidence needed to move forward with my life when I had to make some very difficult choices for myself and my family.”



“My time with Sara was very beneficial. I learned new skills and healthy ways to deal with my pain.”



“Sara’s impact on me has produced a life-changing, personal transformation. I never imagined that I could work through a lifetime of destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, and relationship issues within a few months. Her keen intuition, awareness and intellect, along with her empathetic and non-judgmental approach are miraculous. She has an extraordinary gift. It is truly groundbreaking.” 



“Sara is a celestial soul in an earthly body. Her positive energy is contagious and she can not help but make a lasting impression on those put in her path. Sara has the unique gift of sight into a place that many are unable to see. Her words are genuine and piercing to the deepest part of myself while always coming from a place of unconditional love, truth and light.  Sara has made an impact on my life, teaching me how to recognize my best self.  I am empowered, enlightened, and eternally grateful.”



“The time I spent with Sara was so much more than I expected. She is an amazingly gifted healer who helped me sort out all of the confusion and provided the clarity into the things that I have been using as ‘excuses’ not to step fully into myself and truly love who I am. I am forever grateful for having found her and I am excited to be FINALLY moving toward living my authentic life!”



“Sara gave me the courage and the tools to leave my abusive husband.  Her unique methods were so loving and yet very empowering to get me through all the necessary steps. She has given me the gift of freedom, which is truly priceless!” 



“I chose to invest in Sara’s VIP experience because of the exceptional compassion, presence, and skill she brings to her work. Sara was instrumental in shifting my energy and emotions so I could believe in myself again, step courageously into the unknown, and discover who I needed to become to live the life I desired in the next phases of my journey. Sara utilized unique tools and techniques which helped eliminate subconscious attachments to limiting beliefs and stories that kept me locked in unsupportive and disruptive habits and patterns. After the VIP experience, I felt renewed, inspired, and capable. I highly recommend her work.”



“Sara is a peaceful light! One of the first things Sara said to me was, “Take 3 steps in the next 24 hours, I promise you’ll feel empowered”.  That’s when my transformation began! I arose from Sara’s coaching program knowing I wasn’t a shameful or disregarded ‘divorced woman’ but a strong woman of change!”