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Because extraordinary results should be expected.

“My journey with Sara has been the most magical and liberating experience of my life.

She has provided me with the tools to become and love the most authentic version of myself where I am strong, confident, and empowered. Sara has guided me through the peaks and valleys of my past and shown me that we are always evolving and that it is all about how you embrace the change. I show up, do the work, and trust the process! I've learned to look at life with curiosity, choosing grace over guilt, and trust instead of control. I cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work with this amazing human! She has changed my life in so many ways and I am forever thankful.

— Mary

“Working with Sara provided so many changes and ah-ha moments in a very short window of time. I am proud of the relief and freedom I’ve been given. I feel so peaceful for one of the first times in my life. Every time I meet with Sara a better person goes forward on this planet. ‘Thank you’ are hardly words strong enough to convey what I feel.”

— Erin

“When I started working with Sara, I was at the lowest point in my life - I really couldn't imagine any favorable scenario out of the situation I was in. In less than 4 months, my whole life completely changed in a way I didn't believe was possible, I’ve grown into a much better version of myself. I don't understand how I was able to live my life the way I did before. I am finally happy and grateful and excited about what my future holds. With Sara’s help, I feel I can achieve my wildest dreams and attract anything and anyone into my life.

— Vlad

"I have been working with Sara for almost a year now. She has honestly changed my life.

The growth that I have achieved during my time spent with Sara has been life altering. I feel more confident, worthy and more in-tune with my body.

The tools that she has given me have helped me be able to tackle anything that may arise in my day to day life.

I am learning about how to channel what I really want out of life and how to seize the opportunities that come my way.

Sara continues to help me bring out all of the potential that I have inside of me.

With Sara’s help I truly feel that I am becoming the most authentic version of myself.

I am excited to continue on my journey with Sara. She is truly one of a kind!”

Kathryn G.

“Sara Loos is one truly connected soul, a rare soul. She is authentic, empathetic, present. I felt her profoundly connected to my energy. She has helped me tons. There are many out there that do this work, but Sara is THE REAL DEAL! And I thank her for that!” 

— Linda

“I heard Sara on a podcast and I knew there was something unique about her approach. Her work is by far the best thing I have ever encountered. I was a perpetual seeker with short term results that would last for awhile. I went to Chopra, I did Abrahams’ teachings, and Wayne Dyer – and while they all helped me in so many ways – Sara’s tools and approach were the forever “it works for me”. I can say with all my heart that I love her for helping me keep my ego at bay when needed, to listen to my body’s own unique language and heal heal heal – to be someone I truly LOVE”.

— Trisha

“Sara’s impact on me has produced a life-changing, personal transformation. I never imagined that I could work through a lifetime of destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, and relationship issues within the first few sessions. Her keen intuition, awareness and intellect, along with her empathetic and non-judgmental approach was miraculous. Sara has the ability to look into my entire being and give me the words, tools, and exercises to heal the deep wounds that I have carried around my entire life. She has an extraordinary gift for helping others. Choosing to work with Sara was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

— Teresa

“My work with Sara produced nothing less than a revolution in my personal life. Long-held and weighty, negative beliefs vanished and years-long depression rapidly cleared. I felt empowered to make huge, overdue changes quickly. Sara’s work instilled renewed confidence in my abilities. I highly recommend working with Sara if you feel held back in any way from becoming the spectacular human being you were born to be.”

— Amanda

“Sara gave me the courage to take the steps I needed to leave my abusinve relationship. She showed me that I was worthy and deserving of having a loving partner. She helped me heal the deep wounds that I thought would be never go away. I got my cofidence and life back. I am forever grateful I did this work!”

— Laurie

“While I possess many resources and tools to help myself through life, Sara has been the one consistent tool that has helped me gently break through my plateaus and guide me through my most challenging moments. Her intuitive nature and calm demeanor have always allowed me to feel safe and supported while giving me actionable steps to take to heal and step back into my power.”


“Sara has been a beacon of truth in my life. She has a magical way about her that has helped me by decoding and deciphering the underlying cause of my emotional and physical discomfort. I am always able to walk away from her sessions with a clear understanding of my challenges and feeling empowered to do the work necessary to break poor habits and patterns permanently. The work she is bringing to the world is and will continue to cause a major shift in human evolution.”

—  Jackie

“The sessions I experienced with Sara and her special insight opened my eyes to some old programs running in the background of my mind that were not healthy nor productive in my personal and professional life and opened the door for long-overdue healing and transformation. I am excited for all of the individuals that will benefit from her positive, caring, and life-changing influence. Thank you Sara for being who you are and for sharing your amazing gifts!” 

— Tina

“As an extremely gifted coach, Sara has the ability to look into my entire being and give me the words, tools, and exercises to heal the deep wounds that I have carried around my entire life. What surprised me the most is that it’s fun! It’s truly not like therapy or counseling that I have tired (to no avail) in the past. Her work is truly a ground-breaking way to sustainable recovery.”

— Terry

“I will forever be grateful to you for Sara. She helped me get through the most difficult year of my life. When I felt that I couldn’t go on, she threw me a life preserver and then taught me how to swim for myself.  From the very first session, I felt such a non-assuming warmth and compassion from Sara that immediately put me at ease.  Her intuition is a true gift for all whom she serves. I especially loved the way she taught me so many valuable tools that I can continue to use to help myself through life’s daily challenges.  The world is a better place because Sara is in it. Signing up with sessions with her was one of the best decisions of my life".

—  Nancy

“My first session with Sara completely changed my life for the better! Before working with Sara I had a lot of anger, sadness, and trust issues with men. Sara found and healed the root of my issues and helped me keep them eliminated by instilling new beneficial beliefs. I noticed after every session the feeling of healing and awareness that deeply touches my heart.” 

— Kristan

“Sara is a celestial soul in an earthly body. Her positive energy is contagious and she can not help but make a lasting impression on those put in her path. Sara has the unique gift of sight into a place that many are unable to see. Her words are genuine and piercing to the deepest part of me while always coming from a place of unconditional love, truth and light. Sara has made an exceptional impact on my life, teaching me how to become and love my higer self. I am empowered, enlightened, and eternally grateful.”


“Working with Sara over the last year has been a life-altering experience. Her approach was the key to opening my heart and learning how to live my life as an inside-out person. Her extraordinary talent is evident in the results for those who want to dig deep and do the work”

— Lessie

“I chose to work with Sara because of the exceptional compassion, presence, and skill she brings to her work. Sara was instrumental in shifting my energy and emotions after my divorce so I could believe in myself again, step courageously into the unknown, and discover who I needed to become to live the life I desired in the next phases of my journey. After my VIP experience, I felt renewed, inspired, and capable. I highly recommend her work”. 

— Tamara