Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already been exploring whether you would be better off on the other side of divorce. I believe the answer is quite simply, “YES!”. Why? Because I know how long it takes for a woman evaluating her decision. If you are anything like most women, you’ve spent years talking yourself out of it. There are, after all, so many reasons not to divorce. The kids, the financials, the opinions of friends and family members, the feelings of failure or shame – all of these are reasons that we often believe we must stay stuck in pain. Divorce is the ultimate bad ending after all, isn’t it?

What few woman know is that divorce can be a positive experience, but not if left in the hands of chance. It takes careful planning and highly-tuned skills to manage a divorce for a positive outcome. It takes a woman committed to doing what it takes to make her life happier even after a divorce. And it takes dedicated, compassionate guidance from someone you can trust to help lead you and hold you on the positive path when things get rough and you really just want to get even. In which case, no one triumphs.

Support systems are essential, especially when facing a divorce. Trusted friends take sides. Family members are typically too enmeshed to be unbiased. You need to find a mentor who can give it to you straight, lovingly hold your hand through each step, never judge, and who can provide essential guidance to keep you on the right track. I genuinely believe my approach makes all the difference between a bad divorce and a best choice. My hope is that, this way, will change the way the world will look at divorce in the years to come.

Some of the key things that I attend to that are quite different from traditional coaching or therapy techniques include:

  • Deep level healing for those whose souls have been wounded and need repair
  • Teaching skills that are life-changing, not only during the divorce but beyond. (For example – How to always make decisions with Presence – coming from your highest state of being).
  • Focusing on a conscious, collaborative relationship after the divorce that allows your children to have a better model of what a loving relationship really should look like
  • Eliminating blame. No one is at fault. We move forwards, never back
  • Capitalizing on the love you once shared to bring out the most positive traits during the process
  • Choosing fairness and compassion and honor over ‘winning”
  • Exchanging limiting beliefs that hold you back with empowering new ones that propel you forward into thriving
  • Regaining your confidence and personal power so that you can be in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Restoring your self worth and divine self care
  • Learning to believe in love and changing your subconscious patterns so that you can attract and maintain a healthy, supportive relationship in the future
  • Discovering your soul level gifts, your purpose, so that you can live a fuller life in Chapter 2

Divorce is never easy, but it can be much less painful than most imagine. And it can, with sacred skills, provide a roadmap to a life of joy and authentic love. It’s the second most important decision you’re likely to ever make, next only to the decision to wed in the first place. Choose wisely.