Having a vision for what is possible and desirable on the other side of your current relationship is key to surviving your divorce process and especially to thriving later on. In those dark hours of the night, when sleep fails you and your mind is racing, having something to look forward to is one of the greatest assets. I believe it is one of the best tools to get us through our most challenging times.

Take time each day to allow yourself to imagine what life COULD look like if you were not in your stifling relationship. What could be different?

How would you feel about yourself if you were no longer subjected to someone’s constant displays of indifference or rejection – but rather free to find supportive, real love?

How would you feel if you were free to dedicate time to your own interests instead of constantly prioritizing others?
How would it feel if you were able to live anywhere you wanted?

Create a life using the skills and knowledge you’ve been given in this one?

What parts of you, the real you, would you find again and honor if given a chance to do what you really love and value?

Can you connect to a time when you were powerful and productive and proud? Can you think of this time and hold this energy closely and believe that you CAN be this person again?

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel it as if it is real.

Hold on to this glorious energy as long as possible.

By believing that a brighter future is possible, we conspire with the invisible forces of the universe to create magic. We shift energy from desperate to desirable and from powerless to strong. We change our outcomes.

In the darkest hours, we can reflect on what is coming soon and, using this excitement, the energy of feeling it already having happened and real, more easily muscle through whatever obstacles face us.

Try it.

Create your big dream now.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel it as if it is real.

Hold on to this glorious energy as long as possible.

It’s almost here. Promise.
You’ll see.

Sara Loos is a holistic healer, empowerment coach and divorce mentor. She works with women online and in person to help them break free of pain and doubt and to create the life they were meant to live. Learn more about the services she offers at www.saraloos.com.