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Two To You: Thriving After Divorce

In her show, Sara Loos addresses the central fears of women who are going through divorce or soon facing one. With Sara’s guidance, women are transforming emotionally, financially, and spiritually. They are seeing past their doubts, wounds and lack of confidence to reclaim their power and to create a life rich with promise and purpose. Join us and learn how you too can thrive as a solo soul.


Making your kids your true north during divorce

What does it really means to put your kids first when you are going through a divorce?
In this show, learn the most important pieces of advice to ensure your children are your priority in order to do your divorce better. From how to tell them to recognizing their warning signals of distress, if you’re a parent, this show is not to be missed! With special guest Dr. Shannon Lerach.

Top tips to do divorce better – The girlfriends’ guide

In this show, learn the most important pieces of advice you’ll want to know to prepare yourself for divorce. Think: The girlfriends’ guide to not just surviving but thriving through your divorce. With special guests Heather Steer and Kelly Griffin. 

Using creativity to transform the painful emotions of divorce

In this show, learn how to process and transform the deep emotions you feel while going through divorce and learn be open to magical, new possibilities. With special guest, Pamela Hawkins

Discover and reset your relationship with money

In this show, learn how to understand your  finances from an energetic and practical POV so you can move forward with confidence and clarity during this unstable time. With special guest, Christine Walsh

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