My vision for all those affected by divorce is that they would choose to lock arms with Presence in order to make this time in their lives a gift – a time when a new perspective came and brought out the best in them.

Few people choose this route. Perhaps because few people speak about divorce in this way.More often, most surrender to the tidal wave of negativity and despair – allowing it to consume them and activate all their wounds and stories and weaknesses.

I believe in Presence. I believe that Presence opens us to our super-hero gifts And allows us to see the best in others and all situations. With Presence, we experience All That Is, Spirit, Serenity, Promise, and Peace Even when you would otherwise believe only in chaos.

Presence is learned. Presence brings forth the ability to rise above our circumstances and be in truth. Presences is a powerful reminder that we are always loved. Presence is our power center.And yet it feels as only soft and nurturing.

It is from Presence that we move through tumultuous times with grace and ease and light.It is from Presence that we are able to surrender the ego and have the perspective of the heart.From the heart, we have right action and make right choices.

The energy of shame
The energy of anger
The energy of hate
The energy of regret
The energy of retaliation
The energy of blame
The energy of victim
These energies are distant and separate from Presence.

Finding our way back to Presence can feel overwhelmingly challenging.And yet it is actually quite easy when we know the path to travel, the way back.And this way makes all the difference.