I vow to move through fear that has me frozen

I will dance with my fears and take back my power.

I will move into unchartered territories with new tools and the wisdom of my heart.

I understand that, only with this new-found courage, can a happier life begin.

All that I hope for is beyond this fear.

I can do this!

I vow to see my relationship for what it really is.

I commit to breaking down the illusion and facing the facts.

I will no longer pretend that I can ignore the truth.

Each day, I die a little more inside because of my lack of honesty.

I am ready and willing to do what it takes to make things right, whatever that outcome may be.

I vow to gain insights to make my marriage work, or move on with compassion and grace.

I will choose what serves the highest good of all involved

I know that this decision will be placed on my heart.

I will have the courage to follow the guidance I am given.

I have the power to create a new and vibrant future.

I vow to see myself for who I really am.

I am more than this role of wife.

I am more than the stories I am telling myself.

I will do my work to reclaim the pieces of myself that I have abandoned

I will dig deep and discover the wounds I hold inside

And understand that these wounds affect how I relate to my spouse and all others I love.

I will meet myself with compassion and grace and love the person I discover.

I vow to make decisions that support me and those I love.

I can access inner wisdom and be guided further than my logical mind thinks.

I will honor myself enough to take this journey, to grow and allow for a brighter future.

When I grow and expand my compassion, my children will too.

We are worthy and deserving of real love and it starts with my loving me.

I vow to create a life that is joyous and nurturing for myself and my children.

I need not settle.

I will be the example that teaches my children all that is possible, all that they deserve.

I understand that my actions today pattern how my children will be in relationships tomorrow.
I will do better.

I will live better.

I will love better.

I vow to be happy again.

I will tell a new story.

There is more beyond this experience.

I will conquer my grief, my shame, and doubt

And step forward with confidence and courage.

It’s time.

My happiness begins now.