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Long-standing clients have come to deeply appreciate Sara’s guidance and support for on-going occurrences. For that reason, we’re happy to announce Sara’s monthly coaching membership program appropriately called, Q&A — Questions and “AH-ha’s”!

What’s Included

Monthly “Questions & Ah-ha’s”

Existing clients can now take advantage of Sara’s membership program. This allows full-time access to Sara’s extraordinary insights at a fraction of session costs.

Lets Face itLet’s face it,

it can be exceptionally challenging you to get into your best potential state and maintain it. Sometimes you just need a quick energy reset, a reminder of the tools learned to address a specific emotion or situation,, or motivation to take best action when we’ve steered off track.

When you’re feeling hopeless, confused, fearful, it’s not the right time to make critical decisions. Your ability to get back into your highest state is paramount. 

Maybe you just need a bite-size piece of advise for a particular issue? Or a quick intuitive read to confirm your truth? Ask Sara anything via email and get her answer within 24 hours.

Other Benefits

Members also receive 20% off any program or full session purchases within their membership year.Pay just $37 monthly for full-time access to Sara’s wisdom and insights*.

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