A calling to heal

Do you feel lost because of certain, life circumstances?

Do you feel powerless? Desperate? Confused? Hopeless?

Does your heart know you need to make a change, but you are terrified to take the first step to higher ground?

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves keep us stuck in pain. We can’t truly live if we’re suffocated by these stories about ‘what could have been’ or ‘what should be’. I know. I spent seventeen years knowing that I had outgrown my husband. I was sure that my heart was calling me to make a change so that I could be fully me. We were growing in very different directions. And I was terrified to admit it.

Life was ‘comfortable’. I had all the comforts that should make for a happy life. Yet inside I was dying. The emptiness on some days felt life threatening.

Then on a hot summer day in July, I had heart failure. Just like my awareness of my marriage, the symptoms came on slowly. Nausea. Arm pain. Chest pains. Then shortness of breath.

By the time I finally succumb to the truth of my situation and rushed to the emergency room, My heart muscle had reached 30 percent suffocation. I recall lying in the Cardiac Intensive Care unit, tubes and wires attached to my limbs and chest, hearing the beeps of the monitors,  and realizing then and there that I was literally dying from within and something had to change.

Waking up my first day at home felt magical. The sky looked bluer.  The grass and trees greener. It was as if life was vivid again. I was reminded that I have a purpose and a reason to live. 

I’m not going to lie and say that I immediately knew what to do. Instead, I made a commitment to doing something. One step, each day to get clarity on my decision. One step each day to uncovering the truth about what my heart wanted to live for.

It’s a process, this waking up.

Divorce has become a friend to me now, a stage of growth and recovering myself again. Reassembling all the pieces of Sara that I once loved. Bringing back to myself my truths. Recovering my light.

When you know in your heart that change must come, I’m here to help you take the steps. I’m here to help you wake up. I’m here to help you love yourself again and to live vibrantly, from a place of unwavering confidence and strength.

 Image: @brittanytaylorphoto

“The broken become masters at mending” 

Sara Loos is a transition coach, holistic healer, spiritual teacher, speaker and author. 

After a very successful career as a corporate advertising and marketing executive in New York and Los Angeles, Sara made the bold move to follow her heart and to fine-tune her greatest assets – her ability to heal and bring light to herself and others.  For 20 years, she has dedicated her career to supporting those who want to get beyond their painful stories and step into the fullest, most brilliant version of themselves.

Training: As well as Sara being highly intuitive and with a deep spiritual connection, she has extensive training in healing and personal development certifications including Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, EFT, and the Mastery Program of Robbins’ Institute. All of these supplement her compassionate and customized approach to serving her clients.