A calling to heal

Sara spent her early adult life working at some of America’s most prestigious advertising agencies in New York and Los Angeles. Here, she helped world-renowned corporate clients to understand their most important assets, and to use them to help their businesses flourish.

While this high profile career is what many dream about, Sara found herself deeply unsatisfied and pained, yearning for something else.

Sara’s heart was calling her to follow a different path and to own her unique assets –the gift of healing she had recently discovered.
So, Sara left the corporate world and immersed herself in learning how to heal anguish and pain in the souls of others.

Today, Sara is a gifted intuitive healer and transition coach for women who decide to leave negative stories behind them and chart a new course to all that is possible. In addition to her private coaching work, Sara is a Vesta: Redefining Divorce professional, offering valuable emotional support for those affected by divorce. 


 Image: @brittanytaylorphoto

For more than 17 years now, Sara has helped women achieve life-changing results from her transformative personal sessions, VIP experiences, book, workshops and mentoring programs.

Sara credits part of her success with clients to her own courageous journey of self-discovery and recovery. Her leap of faith to follow her calling and ultimately her path to release herself from her own marriage provided Sara with the tools, empathy and wisdom to help others uncover their truth, purpose and light .

Sara is grateful that the discovery of her own power has helped ignite and brighten the lives of countless other women.

Training: As well as Sara being highly intuitive and with a deep spiritual connection, she has extensive training in healing and personal development programs including Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Conscious Language, the Mastery Programs at Robbins’ Institute. All of these supplement her compassionate and customized approach to serving her clients.