Healing Trauma

The thing about trauma is that it takes on a life force all its own, affecting each of us at a deep, cellular level. Whether they be from sexual abuse, childhood neglect, an accident, or assault of any kind – the scars caused by this incident create lasting wounds. While we may think we’re fully recovered, we find ourselves triggered sometimes, reliving the pain, when facing a new challenging or oppressive situation.

Sara is a master intuitive healer. Her work is nothing short of phenomenal. Her natural, compassionate nature allows her to hold space without judgment and is something clients rave about. Her methods are far from ordinary, as are her results.  Unlike traditional therapy, Sara’s techniques address the core of your wound without requiring discussion or story.  Many clients have discovered immediate release of old, toxic energy and pain resulting from their traumatic experience in as little as in one session.

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Testimonials about Sara Loos

“My session with Sara was so surprising!  I felt like I was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but I knew that Sara was there, holding my hand, so everything was Ok. She helped me completely shift the energy of the memories I had spent many, many years trying to heal and forget.  I can now see what happened to me as a gift. I feel such a sense of release. It’s truly incredible.”


“Sara’s impact on me has produced a life-changing, personal transformation. I never imagined that I could work through a lifetime of destructive behaviors, low self-esteem, and relationship issues within the first few sessions. Her keen intuition, awareness and intellect, along with her empathetic and non-judgmental approach was miraculous. Sara has the ability to look into my entire being and give me the words, tools, and exercises to heal the deep wounds that I have carried around the majority of my life. She has an extraordinary gift for helping others.”


“In my first session, Sara went intuitively right to my core issue. Her ability to tune into my soul and the story it came to heal and grow through, as well as my blocks and potential remedies, is something I reflect on often. As one who is practical and grounded in my choice of healing modalities, I can say Sara is the real deal.”


“Sara Loos is one truly connected soul, a rare soul. She is authentic, empathetic, present.  She has helped me tons. There are many out there that do this work, but Sara is THE REAL DEAL!  And I thank her for that!”


“My work with Sara Loos produced nothing short of a revolution in my personal life. Weighty, long-held negative beliefs vanished, years of depression rapidly cleared, and I felt empowered to make huge, overdue changes quickly and compassionately. I highly recommend working with Sara if you feel in any way held back from being the spectacular human being you were born to be.” 


“I will forever be grateful to you for all that Sara has done for me.  She helped me get through the most difficult year of my life.  When I felt that I couldn’t go on, she carried me through. Her intuition is a true gift for all that she serves. The world is a better place because Sara is in it.  Her light shines so very brightly.  Signing up with sessions with her was one of the best decisions of my life.”


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