Grief rolls in like tidal waves, crashing against the backdrop of a normal day.

Suddenly, nothing feels normal. 

Even when we know this decision is for the best, grief comes.

Grief comes at the most unexpected times,

in moments of joy

It rips away all semblance of bliss in a matter of seconds.

We grieve for what once was.

We grieve for what we thought was possible.

We grieve for the many memories that feel so distant and shallow now

That once felt anchored in our souls.

Grief comes.

Make peace with it.

Just as the tide recedes, so will the grief.

But while it’s here, just be with it.

There is no place to hide

No use in running.

Grief will not go away

until we sit with it and allow it to wash over us.

Making space for grief is difficult

We have been taught to be always be happy

Put on our smiles and pretend that all is

A.    O.   K.

But it is not. Not right now.

Right now, nothing is OK.

The promises made all feel like lies.

The dreams we had are now bashed on the shore

Broken like ships battling the storms.

And hope is far too distant.

Grief can be a friend

Bringing insight into what we treasurer

And what matters

And what holds meaning.

For now, I’m making friends with grief.