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A compassionate coach and master intuitive healer, Sara Loos delivers thought-provoking public appearances that inspire personal reflection and accountability and which ultimately galvanize positive change for all involved. While we all have had negative experiences, Sara believes the truest test of our character is how we deal with these life-changing circumstances. Having worked with clients for more than 15 years, inspiring, uplifting, and restoring light within the darkest of their stories, Sara has the skill set to help her audiences find the courage to break through and become their personal best. Sara’s approach, using spiritual and energetic tools, make all the difference.  


Sara offers workshops and webinars throughout the year to support you, many of which can be from the comfort of your own home. Check back here periodically for updates on current events.



Sara’s YouTube channel is the place to go for interviews with other industry advisors and experts, as well as for lots of Sara’s own, personal tools. Subscribe so you’ll be sure to catch each episode. 

Sara Loos Radio

“Two To You: Thriving After Divorce” and provides important guidance to do divorce better. Each episode features special guests with valuable advice on how to better navigate the challenges of divorce. Sara and her guests will teach you how. 

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Public Speaking

Sara has come to understand that many women stay in their marriage far longer than is healthy. She’s on a mission to change the way we think about the end to our relationships, incorporating spiritual principles for better outcomes. Her approach, as are her results, are far from ordinary.  Sara gives women everywhere hope for recovering the best of themselves beyond the roles they play as wife and mother. 
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