As I write this blog, I’m so aware that I’d rather be sharing my thoughts in person.  I am more of a  listener and speaker than a writer. I love being present, face to face, looking you in the eyes and truly seeing you. And speaking only after I’m clear you’ve been heard.

However, within these jottings I hope you find something that resonates, and gives you an idea of my beliefs and process, and some helpful pieces of hope.  All of this is designed to help awaken the love, light and joy within you.


Surprisingly, Your Best Choice

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already been exploring whether you would be better off on the other side of divorce. I believe the answer is quite simply, “YES!”. Why? Because I know how long it takes for a woman evaluating her decision. If you are...

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Presence through Divorce

My vision for all those affected by divorce is that they would choose to lock arms with Presence in order to make this time in their lives a gift - a time when a new perspective came and brought out the best in them. Few people choose this route. Perhaps because few...

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The Energy of Divorce

The Energy of Divorce Divorce is messy, disruptive and painful. Even when we’re conscious and ‘woke’ individuals, we will be triggered in this process by all our wounds and stories. This is a time of turmoil, when the very earth beneath of feet can feel completely...

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