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Meet Sara

Why I coach women for next level success.

When I was at the top of my career, headling marketing worldwide for a technology company, I was fired and my identity as I knew it ended abruptly. I had to do many things quite differently. Most importantly, I had to figure out what really matters.

I had spent years giving everything I had to my J.O.B. My husband (at the time) was constantly asking me what it was going to take for me to be happy. I didn’t have a clue how to answer that question.

Later, I would learn that all the US officers from that company had been fired. It wasn’t about me personally, but the damage was done. I had to find ways to rebuild and bounce back better.

What felt like my worst nightmare became one of my greatest gifts. The trajectory I was on was caushing massive burnout and dispair in my career and personal life. The success I had created wasn’t fulfilling and I wasn’t getting professional help to see my blind spots and be able to circumvent the problems constantly being lobbed my way.

No one tells you when you’re a kid that there are people out there who make it their mission to help you do you better. Luckily, while juggling a consulting practice, I stumbled upon Tony Robbins and began my journey into my most profound discoveries of self-mastery.

  • I spent fifteen years deeply exploring and studying personal and spiritual growth and refining ways to create impactful, lasting change in my own life as well as the lives of others.

    Some twenty years later, I am living my dharma, my purpose.

    Using intuition & proven methodologies, I am helping individuals and organizations develop inner-world and outer-world results that are undeniable. And I'm helping them become their best versions of themselves because that's when things get extraordinary.

    I’m out to change the world, one person at a time. Care to join me?

    10 Fun facts about me

  • 1. My greatest joy - seeing clients recognize new, expansive possibilities for themselves and to witness them upleveling into joyful, intentional levels of success right before my eyes. It’s beyond magical. 

  • 2. Why I do this work? Because I want to leave a legacy for my two amazing daughters of positive change fueled by women with a vision.

  • 3. Favorite place I ever worked? Chiat/Day NYC. I loved my advertising agency days, especially in New York City. It was fast-paced, intense, and incredbily fun. And I made life-long friends there that continue to inspire me.

  • 4. Hardest job I ever had? Having daughters and raising them to listen to their hearts and be their authentic, best selves in a world that doesn’t value the same.

    Second hardest: Two jobs that involved routine travel to Europe and kept me from seeing my youngest, as a toddler, taking many momumental first steps. 

  • 5. My accent? I was raised in Tennessee, so that syrupy twang peppers my conversations, especally when I’m tired.

  • 6. Favorite quote: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” - Anais Nin 

  • 7. Hardest thing I’ve ever done: Ending my 27 year marriage because I realized we had grown too far apart and couldn’t find our way back. We consciously uncoupled in May 2021.

  • 8. My secret sauce? Deep, intuitive wisdom. I discovered in my late 30s that I was clairaudiant. I didn’t know that everyone doesn’t hear this impecable guidance. I no longer take this for granted and enjoy helping others access their own intuitive nature. 

  • 9. Favorite animal: Sea otters. I love their playfulness and ability to enjoy every moment. The largest population of sea otters is all along the coast here where I live in Pacific Grove, California, so I get to see them often.  

  • 10. Bucket list trip to take? A safari in Africa. This was the women’s retreat location planned for 2021 but it was canceled due to the pandemic. Will be getting this back on the books as soon as possible. 

  • My credentials - beyond evidence

  • BA in Communications. Majored in Advertising & Marketing.

  • Moved to New York directly after college and worked for top advertising agencies (BBDO and Chiat/Day) in Account Management servicing Fortune 500 brands, followed by a a similar stint in Los Angeles.

  • Moved client side to head Advertising for IKEA North America

  • Spent two years as head of marketing for clients trying to go public in the era.

  • Served as Head of Marketing Worldwide for Day Software before initiating IPO.

  • Certifications in: Coaching. Tony Robbins Mastery, Advanced DNA Theta Healing. Reiki Healing, Sacred Body Language, Adult and Teen Emergent Emotional Care.

  • Extensive study and practice in NLP, EFT, and Sacred Language Translations.

  • Author of “The Miracle Worker’s Handbook.

  • Hosted two radio shows for Transformation Talk Radio and guest on Hay House Radio. On-going podcast guest and organizational speaker.

  • With my favorite two people in the world, my daughters, Michael and Malia.

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  • Unlike other Coaches and therapists, I...

  • Use immersive techniques that get you the transformative results you want fast. Guaranteed.

  • Eliminate the need for more training/learning. You already have all you need to excel within you. I’ll give you the keys to unlock your superpowers.

  • Incorporate my deep experience in trauma healing so that wounds and stories causing repetitive set-backs and lack of self-esteem are eliminated once and for all.

  • Teach you how to master your emotions so you can continuously self-regulate and stay empowered.

  • Help you master conflict and create priceless collaboration.

  • Accelerate your personal evolution using proven, cutting-edge energetic modalities.

  • Help you harness your essential, feminine qualities to create harmony within your teams and other areas of life.

  • Connect you with a community of like-minded, supportive women who want to excel and help you do the same.

  • Understand the issues firsthand, having succeeded in Corporate America in New York City and Los Angeles and having coached others just like you for 20+ years.