As we roll into not just a new year, but a new decade, it’s a perfect time to take stock of our lives: To see what has worked for us and what hasn’t—and to figure out how we can do better. How might we make this year ahead more meaningful?

Were we to have perfect, 20-20 vision, how would things be different? In my mind:

 –We would shift from our often myopic, self-absorbed focus to one further reaching and more inclusive. If ever it was a time to truly go from a “me” to a “we” generation, it is now.

 –We would no longer tolerate the trivial perspectives that drain us of valuable time and energy and instead prioritize what really matters. The world we live in increasingly demands it.

 –We would dissolve the lines of power between men and women and allow equality to finally emerge. The “MeToo” movement has shown us the extent of the problem—and the urgency for addressing it.

 –We would at long last look beyond skin color and ethnicity, sexual and religious preference and see all that we share in common instead of focusing on our differences. Diversity is a blessing and one that makes us all better people.

 –We would look into the soul of our neighbors and applaud their beauty–not based on fleeting characteristics but rather ageless qualities like integrity, compassion, and heart.

 –We would choose to witness and heal our personal wounds, knowing that, otherwise, they keep us from ever being fully whole. It begins with forgiveness – forgiveness of self and others. This work can be painful to be sure, but far less painful than the damage caused by remaining unconscious, never evolving.

 These goals might not be revelations, but unless we can begin to envision them, they can never come to be. The bigger challenge of course isn’t just identifying the goals, but acting upon them.

 Think of 2020 as a critical juncture, a fork in the road of life.

Will it be where change begins or where everything remains the same?

 Your choice.

Each day is your choice.

I encourage each of us to begin now.

What small steps could you take to create a life that is truly visionary?

Wishing us all a blessed and truly magical decade ahead!

Sara Loos is a relationship coach, holistic healer, speaker and author. She brings a fresh approach to decision making. With 15+ years in the empowerment industry, she leads audiences to tap into their inner guidance to end the cycle of indecision and fear about their personal, best choices and how to harness the courage to take right action. In these challenging times, her guidance is encouraging us to step up and stand for something of value. Learn more about her services at