What are you modeling?

It’s an important concept to think about, especially with all the confusion and chaos that exists in our world today. How are your responding? How do you act when the going gets tough or your day is getting the best of you? If you are an adult – parent or no – everything you say and do is noticed by the children in your presence. All to often, it’s easier to ‘just let it all go’ and forget that we each play an important role in how we make others feel, think and act themselves. If you’re having issues with anger, resentment, bitterness, hate or any other destructive emotion, learn how to take a ‘time out’ yourself.  Then breathe deeply, clear your head, and realize that you can now respond rationally. Or as my grandma would say with her charming Southern accent, “Get your wits about you!!” – before you react.  Remember, someone is always watching. Be the influence that your children and children’s children can model proudly.


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